Well I guess I should start with Hello!



I haven’t really been waiting to write this opening blog post, but I’ve been preparing for what’s ahead. The next step in my Graphic Design journey has been preparing for what I am about to embark on. Tomorrow, Tuesday the 19th of January, 2016 I will be boarding a plane on route to Queensland, Australia.

I am going to school at Griffith University to work towards my Bachelors Degree in Digital Media.  I will be in hot and sunny Surfers Paradise of Gold Coast. I am excited, nervous, anxious, eager and delighted to be embarking on such a crazy trip. When I graduated my three year Graphic Design program at St. Lawrence College, instead of starting the intense job hunt, I started planning and organizing my next step. Everything from; School paperwork, transcripts, my student visa, finding accommodations, to getting a phone plan. All of that comes down to tomorrow when I get in a vehicle with too many suitcases and make my way to Pearson Airport to board my first flight.

I started my website during school and have been waiting for the perfect time to write this first post. I don’t want to babble on or bore people with my current life story. All this is, is to welcome anyone who sees this, or wants to hear about the next step to my journey. As I have completed a three year program, I know what its like to have sleepless nights trying to finish projects or writing a brief. That being said I can’t make any promises in terms of how often or when I will post on here. I do promise though that I will try my best to update on what I am doing and share the beautiful photos that I can’t wait to take once I get there.

For right now that’s it for me, I’m going to finish packing my last bags and make sure everything is in order. If anyone who reads this has been to Australia, please let me know where you went or how it was! To anyone else I hope you enjoy hearing about my trip and please come back for more.